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真田神社 Sanada Shrine '10/6 W3 vol.2

Sanada Shrine '10/6 W3, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.


 個人で奉納する絵馬として、小型で馬などの絵が描かれて、余白や裏面に祈願の内容や氏名などを書くものが、寺社で販売されている。大人数で奉納する絵馬は、大型で、画家に描かせるなどして奉納 者が用意することもある。小型の物については五角形(家型)の物が多いが、これはかつて、板の上に屋根をつけていた名残である。(参照:絵馬 - Wikipedia

Ema, when a shrine or temple to pray, and temples dedicated to the reward when you pray and wish has come true, and painted wooden boards.

Ema as a personal dedication, and a picture of a horse is small, and what name to write on the back and pray for the content of margins and are sold in the temple. Ema dedicate large number of people, a large, sometimes provided by the dedication and to the artist painted. Small Thing pentagon (a house type) is a lot of things, which once had put the roof on the memory board. (See: 絵馬 - Wikipedia)

Sanada Shrine '10/6 W3, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.

 痛絵馬とは、痛い絵馬のことであ る。

 具体的にはアニメやゲーム関係、2chやニコニコの雰囲気を帯びた内容の文章(キャラクターの口癖やせりふ、「○○は俺の嫁」や「○○自重www」等)が書かれていたり、キャラクターが描かれた絵馬を指すことが多い。特に作品中に登場する神社のモデルとなった神社で多く見られ、「聖地巡礼」の記念として絵馬に記すケースが多いと思われる。(参照:痛絵馬とは(イタエマとは) - ニコニコ大百科


Specifically, animation and gaming-related, "2ch" or "smile"-tinged atmosphere of texts (spoken and character always says, "○ ○ is my wife" and "prudence ○ ○ www", etc.) are written or if they were drawn characters often refer to Ema. Seen as a model for many shrines shrines appeared in film, especially "pilgrimage" to commemorate the Ema described in many cases seems to be. (See: 痛絵馬とは(イタ エマとは) - ニコニコ大百科)

Sanada Shrine '10/6 W3, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.


I somehow feel that these cultures also said Japan's unique street art. Cultural history of Japan's participation shallow? Or deep? Anyway, it is interesting.

Sanada Shrine '10/6 W3, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.


The idea is the best end. But I think I should also be visible to everybody.

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