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芋焼酎かのか 黒麹仕込み Shochu Kanoka black yeast fermentation

            芋焼酎かのか 黒麹仕込み, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.

 「芋焼酎かのか 黒麹仕込み」は、原料の芋に鹿児島県産の黄金(こがね)千貫(せんがん)を使用し、「黒麹」で仕込んだ原酒に甲類焼酎をブレンドした甲乙混和焼酎です。


(参照:「芋焼酎かのか 黒麹仕込み」新発売|アサヒビール

"Shochu Kanoka black yeast fermentation", a raw potato, produced in Kagoshima Prefecture "Kogane Sengan" using "black yeast" workout mix is a blend of shochu liquor brewed in Entomostraca the Notes when receiving.

The finish will be both colorful and smartly in the mouth and plump tasty drink and enjoy wine as a staple of everyday life easily.

(See: "Shochu Kanoka black yeast fermentation" New | Asahi)

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