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上田公園 Ueda Park '10/6 W3 vol.2

Ueda Park '10/6 W3, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.


Ueda Castle Park Ishigaki. Trees across the stone walls, trees and mountains beyond, their perspective was good. I feel taken at the height of the stone wall a little higher.

Ueda Park '10/6 W3, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.


Green trees behind stone walls. Balance "5.5:4.5" long. I like the look of stone is very complex.

Ueda Park '10/6 W3, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.


The peacock in the park. Usually because there is no chance to see Peacock, I tried to take pictures. Peacock is the more it sees a strange bird.

Ueda Park '10/6 W3, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.


 (1)整った羽を持つ個体 は寄生虫などに冒されていない健全な個体であると同時に生存に有利な遺伝子を持つ事をアピール出来、優先的に子孫を残せる という説(オネストアドバタイズメント理論)

 (2)捕食さ れやすい長い上尾筒を持つことで健全な個体であると同時に生存に有利な遺伝子を持つ事をアピール出来、優先的に子孫を残せるという説(ハンディキャップ理論)

 (3)長い尾羽を持つ雄の遺伝子と長い尾羽の雄を好む雌の遺伝子が互いを選択し た結果雄の尾羽が長くなったとする説(ランナウェイ説)など。(参照:クジャク - Wikipedia

Male peacock feathers are known as developed by case selection between the sexes has been proposed several reasons for its development.

(1) winged individuals are appointed to have the appeal made in favor of survival genes as well as a healthy population is not affected by parasites, such as, the theory that leave offspring preferentially (theoretical Onesutoadobataizumento )

(2) made an appeal to have the gene as well as a favorable survival and healthy individuals have a long upper tail covert susceptible to predation, a theory that leave offspring preferentially (handicap theory)

(3) long believe that it was a long tail feathers of the male genes are selected results of each other like male female male with tail feathers and long tail feathers Gene (runaway hypothesis), etc.. (See: クジャク - Wikipedia)

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