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雲 Cloud '02 vol.2

雲 Cloud '02, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.



 2006年ミクシーを始めました。始めたと言っても、日記を書く程度。それも最近では月一くらいの頻度で書く程度になってしまいました。これはあまりアイデアとは関係ないです。同じ時期に「考具 —考えるための道具、持っていますか?」という本に出会い、マインドマップを習慣的に書くようになりました。基本的にノートをとるときはマインドマップのやり方で書いています。



 2009年「ほぼ日手帳」がすでに完売状態で用意できませんでした。「嶋浩一郎のアイデアのつくり方」という本の影響で、この年はMoleskinのノートを2冊買いました。この本のやり方を実践するためです。1冊は「Moleskine Squared Notebook Large」毎日のなんでもメモに。2軍ノートです。もう1冊は「Moleskine Plain Notebook Pocket」1軍ノートです。毎日の2軍ノートに書かれたことを、1ヶ月後に厳選してさらに調べて深めてナンバリングして1軍ノートに記す。半年くらいえらい勢いで2軍ノートに日々を文字を埋めましたが、正直書く量が一定しなく、後半あまり書かなくなってしまいました。1軍ノートの方はというと、こちらもパラパラとだけ。結局1年で100ちょっとしか1軍ノートにはナンバリングできなかったので、とても少なかったです。



Outside Blog "You have to continue every day."

Interesting ideas came out about four years ago. The following write about ideas that matter ever since.

Mixi started in 2006. Began to say, write a diary about. Recently I have become even that often write about in January. This idea does not matter much. The same time "Kougu_ tools for thinking, Do you have?" Book met now habitually write mind maps. Basically, you take notes and write in ways mind maps.

Year 2007 "Hobonichi notebook" buy. However, almost not using.

Year 2008 "Hobonichi notebook" buy. But this was almost not using it, now closely written notes at the end of it. Note-taker and idea is from a very strong relationship seemed. In this memo read, in conversations with friends, anything like that myself and my inspiration mainly in the morning. The "Koichiro Shima How to make the idea of" I decided to meet and practice book.

Year 2009 "Hobonichi Handbook" could not be provided in already sold out. "Koichiro Shima How to make the idea of" the book's influence, this year I bought two books Moleskin notes. This is the way to practice this book. One is "Moleskine Squared Notebook Large" daily note anything. Military notes 2. The other book "Moleskine Plain Notebook Pocket" notes one Army. Written notes to the farm daily, described in note numbering and deeper forces one to examine more carefully a month later. The notes filled the character's days in power forever and the farm about six months without writing a certain amount of honesty, I have become too late to write. If one note and the fact the military, also only sporadically. Only one little note 100 troops in one year could not be numbered after all, is very limited.

Year 2010 "Hobonichi Handbook" is purchased in advance online. Note the minor daily "Hobonichi notebook" I decided to write to. Army decided to write daily notes from 2010. And that "You have to continue every day" is. Even though every month, weekdays through Friday, aims to force one of four notes a day. The approximately seven months passed since January has been followed by one Army memo on track. (There are only sometimes write for days) in the memo last year was 100 for one year, then numbering seven months of this year came close to 700.

Practice still reread your notes is not one army, one army alone transcribe notes after writing a memo a month the minors, so I feel that training is a storage drawer and out of the head. Now I want to read again and flip the note customs earned first division.

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