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ルヴァン 信州 上田店 '10/9 W4

 「ルヴァン 信州 上田店」のパン。



 「ルヴァン 信州 上田店」は天然酵母パンの名店。渋谷にもお店がある。東京在住の友人は、渋谷にあるこの店がお気に入りだそうだ。



"Levain Shinshu Ueda shop" is bread.

Under the "Sesame cheese." The left "anpan." The upper right "scones."

Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, located in a bakery in the town of Yanagi. Yanagi town "Kitaguni road" is part of. The Mr.Sanada, Ueda castle and castle town was formed. Since then, the city boasts a long tradition. The streets of cobblestone streets and row houses are beautiful. (See: Yanagi tourist town of Ueda ~ ~ Kitaguni highway Yanagi Town: Yanagi and town)

"Levain Shinshu Ueda shop" is a well-established store of wild yeast bread. There is also a shop in Shibuya. Friend living in Tokyo is likely to really like this shop in Shibuya.

Seven years after coming to Ueda. Never set foot in this store once yet. I told her to buy bread into the store this time of the partner, and I was waiting outside in the car.

I want to step into the shop one day, too.

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