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Chateau Le Trehon 1986 Medoc '10/9 W4

                Chateau Le Trehon 1986 Medoc '10/9 W4, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.




 今回は、1986年もの、というふれこみに誘われて、「Chateau Le Trehon 1986 Medoc」(2500円)を選んでみました。いつも飲んでるワインが300円ですから。それでも8倍くらいもの値段です。



Birthday or anniversary of buying wine is drinking a little higher than usual drink wine daily.

To say the high cost 3000 yen, 2000 yen. Until about 4000 yen is picking up even higher.

Choose the location, the neighborhood liquor store that put the best wine. "Genkinya" I'm always taken care of.

This time, even in 1986, is invited to the word, "Chateau Le Trehon 1986 Medoc" (2500 yen) I choose. From 300 yen drink wine all the time. But about eight times that price too.

I have never ever drunk old wine, was able to drink without feeling at all. There is a reasonably good taste and flavor in an affordable and fairly firm. I drank good wine for a long time, I just drunk a little amount.

Look on the Internet and was surprised a lot of stories came out unexpectedly. The price is roughly that of the net around 2000 yen, as the wine in this price range seems to be popular.

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