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生け花 Ikebana 華道展 '10/7 W2

            Ikebana 華道展 '10/7 W2, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.










ヒマワリ 学名:Helianthus annuus

瑠璃玉薊 学名:Echinops ritro

クルクマ 学名:Curcuma

リアトリス 学名:Liatris spicata

ヒペリカム 学名:Hypericum androsaemum

カスミ草 学名:Gypsophila

I went to the second week in July ikebana. Free flowers.

Flower arrangement exhibition put out once a year.

Flowers are always a predetermined material, this material will choose flowers for the flower arrangement exhibition myself.

Select a flower, a simple rough sketch and determine their own themes and overall structure.

Flower arrangement exhibition theme was "play" my theme is "that play the" I feel like I was ... (I vaguely remember.)

Just around this time, it was reading the manga Fujio Akatsuka, the cloud of dust getting untied untied when fighting common in comics? I wanted to express that I mean slapstick. Coming out in the toy box looks like a fantasy but do do do desire worldly desires.

So "grass haze" in the "sense of slapstick" volume out, with colorful flowers such as liatris and sunflowers, and lapis lazuli beads Ji then, various things that come out from the center of the explosion.

I thought it was more conservative on the whole and viewed from a distance, looking at nearby places and is accented with various colored flowers and sparkling grass haze in it, enjoyed the colorful look.

Flower Material:

Scientific name: Helianthus annuus

Scientific name: Echinops ritro

Scientific name: Curcuma

Scientific name: Liatris spicata

Scientific name: Hypericum androsaemum

Scientific name: Gypsophila

            Ikebana 華道展 '10/7 W2, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.


This summer days. Sunflower is still youthful-looking.

Ikebana 華道展 '10/7 W2, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.


This is lapis lazuli beads Ji. Such bright purple. I feel the mystery of nature.

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