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ディジュリドゥ Didgeridoo

            ディジュリドゥ Didgeridoo, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.

 ディジュリドゥ(Didgeridoo, Didjeridu)とは、オーストラリア大陸の先住民アボリジニの木管楽器のこと。



(参照:ディジュリドゥ - Wikipedia






Didgeridoo (Didgeridoo, Didjeridu) and that of Australia's Aboriginal woodwinds.

The eucalyptus has several hundred species of raw materials, likes to eat termites Among them is limited to a certain number of species. Typically eaten by termites is made from eucalyptus in its natural state. Dari drill pierced themselves eucalyptus tree ant, there are also forced to feed formula, such as covering their mouths and put a little hole in the tree termites.

How sound does not use the vibration of the lips and mouth to rely on one end of the pipe, brass trombone, tuba and is also similar, complex play that way more unprecedented. It is usually used circular breathing.

(See: ディジュリドゥ - Wikipedia)

When I visited on a trip to Australia, I bought it I liked its distinctive shape. Is about ten years ago.

Sometimes I try to blow, very, very difficult ...

Has recently put at your eyes are always able to practice at any time. Practice will not be exactly followed by instrument.

I remember the wise words of Miles Davis has been on the net flow. I think that somehow continue.

"He practiced what is like to pray. So once a month to once a week or not."

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