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電線塔 Wire tower '02

        電線塔 Wire tower '02, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.






First started blogging in April. At first, repeated trial and error to achieve anything I wanted. Assemble the perfect shape gradually, from late April will be able to continue using the blog to post pictures every day, I decided to continue with that format.

And when they came home drunk and when not at home and frankly, there is sometimes not posted for days, it is that it does not stick with it. From the basic daily.

Were able to finally post 100 So. Although there are many parts I'm relying on photographs and the diary can not continue to post different perspectives is also a little happy. There is also comparatively lazy post content, but even in such a series, and you bear with me patiently.

Keep the first time, and say what you want to do a little bit by little bit by bit, like some would like to change.

Flickr of the month anymore (for free accounts) 100MB capacity is already doing in a lot full, six days a lot here in July, the pictures one by one, and I try to mark the time of my daily thoughts We think.

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上田市, 長野県, Japan
ブログ初心者です。相互リンクしてくれる方募集中。コメント頂けると嬉しいです! Six years now living in Ueda City,Nagano Prefecture. I'm having a mellow day for the inspiration. I am a beginner Blog. I wanted to cross-link. I am happy that you feel free to comment.

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