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シェリーメイ Shellie May

            Shellie May, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.

 「シェリーメイ (ShellieMay) 」




 シェリーメイ (ShellieMay) は、ダッフィーのお友達。2010年1月に発表された。

 ダッフィーと同じくミニーマウスが製作した「くまのぬいぐるみ」という設定になっている。ダッフィーとの違いは、色、睫毛の有無、アクセサリーの有 無、など。


 (参考:ダッフィー - Wikipedia


It is very popular characters that appear in Tokyo DisneySea. There are little stuffed animals at home, so very cute, I tried to take photographs.

This time, the color of paper, I use as a background. Long before I wanted to try it. It's very nice shot with vivid than I thought.

I would like to take pictures and try various work!

"ShellieMay" the friend of Duffy. Published in January 2010.

This "teddy bear" was produced by Minnie.

Related products, from January 22, 2010, TDS will be sold in the park.

(Note:ダッフィー - Wikipedia)

            Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos. 



This is a can of Minnie Mouse. "Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies" contain. It is also a souvenir from Disney. Large and delicious!

I tried to make the background of dark blue here.

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