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桃屋 辛そうで辛くない 少し辛いラー油 It looks hot, but not too spicy, slightly hot chili oil







Now very popular in Japan. Momoya "Karasoude Karakunai Sukoshikarai Ra-yu (It looks hot, but not too spicy, slightly hot chili oil)"

The currently sold out, no one in the supermarket ...

However, the supermarket "Tsuruya" central store Ueda (newly relocated store opened) when I visited, I found it by accident! I bought immediately.

This is great for chili oil mixed with anything. For example, fried rice, noodles, white rice or spaghetti, mix and use as a sauce for dumplings and cold tofu.

Today, immediately, I mix it into fried rice. It contains a lot of fried garlic and fried onion, and so increases the appetite. "Nisshin Cup Noodle Kimchi taste" has the same flavor. For a little more volume, the taste is quite painful.

In the rest of the chili oil, I would like to try many things.

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