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アレッシ マジックバニー A di ALESSI "Magic Bunny"

            A di ALESSI "Magic Bunny", originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.

 「A di ALESSI 楊枝入れ"Magic Bunny"グリーン




 よく考えたらこのウサギ、「医療と芸術展」で見た紫外線を当てると緑色に光るウサギの「アルバ」に似ていなくもないですね…あれは衝撃的でした…(参照GFP BUNNY」)

A di ALESSI toothpick into "Magic Bunny" Green

The Alessi kitchen tools and accessories are unique and none forget once you see it.

This is a gift received from a friend. The Alessi family also did not have one tool, making it a good accent to the kitchen.

I like to see a variety of kitchen tools and dishes at a department store. My favorite is also one of Alessi. But pretty hard not to buy ...

This rabbit looks like rabbit "Alb" that shone in green because of ultraviolet rays upon reflection … I saw for the first time in "Medical treatment and art exhibition". When that was seen, I received the impact (reference "GFP BUNNY").

            A di ALESSI "Magic Bunny", originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.

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