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東御中央公園 '10/4 W4

            東御中央公園 '10/4 W4, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.



Cherry blossoms seen on the way of "Tohmi central park" in Nagano Prefecture Tohmi city. This is a photograph of about three weeks ago. It became a mysterious sense though it was a near place because cherry blossoms had already scattered in this time Ueda. I felt the difference of the climate great.

In Tohmi central park, there is a hill where a lot of sculptures exist, and a place famous for "Kingdom festival of the Kyohou grape" done in autumn.

          東御中央公園 '10/4 W4, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.

東御中央公園 '10/4 W4, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.


As for the sculpture of a park here, there seem to be a lot of works of a Japanese carver. The sculpture of outdoor is very vivid by how to shine on and the weather by sunlight. I want to visit the Utsukushigahara sculpture museum, too.

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