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草笛 上田店 Kusabue '10/4 W4

Kusabue '10/4 W4, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.





It is a buckwheat in the "Kusabue" Ueda shop in the Nagano Prefecture Ueda city.

It is a shop that knows after it begins to live in Ueda, and is visited many times. I go to this shop to eat the buckwheat with the friend whenever the friend comes to travel here.

This photograph is vigor of Morisoba. The amount of this vigor is larger than that of externals. I ordered Kakiage Tempura together at this time.

By the way, there is nearby 1kg of the amount of large vigor. If we eat large vigor, it is necessary to put spirit into and to challenge.

Kusabue '10/4 W4, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.


Here is a meat buckwheat. The container is lovely.


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