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ヴィラデストガーデンファーム VILLA D'EST GARDENFARM '10/4 W4 vol.2


 毎回実家へのお土産は迷うのですが、今回は「VILLA D'EST GARDENFARM & WINERY」のお菓子と白ワインを選びました。お菓子の入った箱は、ここのワイナリーオーナー、玉村豊男さんのイラストが描かれており、とてもかっこいいです!お菓子は全部で4種類、すべてイラストが違います。


I went home to the parents' family in Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City for the Golden Week period.

I chose the cookie and the white wine of "VILLA D'EST GARDENFARM & WINERY" this time though I hesitated every time when the souvenir to the parents' family was chosen.

In the box that the cookie entered, there is an illustration drawn by Mr. Toyoo Tamamura who is a winery owner here, and it is very good-looking. As for the cookie, there are four kinds of lineups, and the illustration is different by all the kinds.

My family liked the cookie and the box. When being go home next time, I think that I take the souvenir a different kind of cookie.

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