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Mameasobi まめあそび

Mameasobi まめあそび, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.





 参考:まめに こまめに 豆息災 豆福

This is Mameasobi. Mamefuku sells this. This is the Nagoya specialty. This is a very unique form of packages of peas! The contents are full of beans about 17 different sets.

I heard from a friend about this bean is often buy souvenirs when it came to Nagoya.

Not that looks like, especially in Nagoya, but the very act of eating beans in there I like a bit of a stoic image. It will also be a small snack of wine, when drunk, eating Pakupaku Did you notice something missing, many of them.

Nagoya cuisine and is a little different "to eat many kinds of beans," the timing and means to eat.

Note:まめに こまめに 豆息災 豆福

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