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Wall and Piece Banksy

Wall and Piece, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.

 洋書「Wall and Piece (ペーパーバック)」BANKSY (著)


 「Monkeys」「Cops」「RATS」「Cows」「Art」「Street furniture」という6つのカテゴリーに分かれており、全240ページ、作品をたっぷり堪能することができます。しかもこれで¥2,000しないという。ハードカバータイプもあるようですが、ペーパーバックの方が若干安め。

 バンクシーを知ったのは、1年ほど前、サイト「UKADAPTA BLOG」や雑誌「STUDIO VOICE」の09年2月号「NEW MEDIA HORIZONS」の記事でした。



Foreign book"Wall and Piece (ペーパーバック) written by BANKSY"

Work collections of Graffiti artists Banksy who act around Britain and London.

It divides into six categories of "Monkeys" "Cops" "RATS" "Cows" "Art" "Street furniture", and page 240 all and his work can be satisfied enough. Moreover, it is cheap for 2,000 yen. There is a hardcover type, too.

It is one year ago that I knew Banksy. It was site "UKADAPTA BLOG" and magazine "STUDIO VOICE".

I like color and size of the Graffiti work. Moreover, it is interested in the art work of a public space. The work of Banksy that skillfully uses a public space cannot be forgotten when seeing once.

This book was discovered in the house of the friend who came back from the United States business trip one day. The friend bought this book in Boston. I ordered at once because I was able to buy it by Amazon even in search Japan.

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