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サムゲタン Samgyetang '10/10 W4

サムゲタン '10/10 W4, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.









(参照 : サムゲタン - Wikipedia

I made a pressure cooker samgyetang.

Not a chicken, a very large size. But barely fit in a 6-liter pressure cooker.

Stuffed Chicken is chicken is always used when creating the material.

The stomach of the chicken, ginseng, pine nuts, chestnuts, put in garlic, and bound to the stomach full of rice, I put pressure on a pressure cooker for 20 minutes.

Swell, so I jump out of glutinous rice, the next time you want to feel prepared.

The taste was fine, healthy cooking pot as ginseng really feeling that.

Samgyetang (蔘鷄 water, 삼계탕) is one of the typical North Korean soup dish. Ginseng chicken is cooked nutritious meal and put the sticky rice.

The history of dish itself is older. Pekusuku eating food cooked in water with salt and a whole chicken (white ripe) and could become one Takkuku is made of glutinous rice gruel (chicken soup) is the prototype of the samgyetang, which appeared in the literature In the 1920s. [Citation needed] and leave the whole ginseng powder was put in soon, hot 鷄蔘 (Kesamutan) had been called to emphasize water 蔘鷄 the efficacy of ginseng (Samgyetang) was this. It has been 30 - that's 40 years ago.

(See: サムゲタン - Wikipedia)

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