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HTC Desire HD 001HT '10/11 W4

 「HTC Desire HD」を手に入れて2週間くらい経ちました。



 「Advanced Task」消費電力の激しい昨今のスマートフォンにおいて、しょっちゅう活用させてもらって、省エネにつとめています。

 「Google Sky マップ」スマートフォンを使って良かったと思えるアプリ。特に自分の住んでいる地域は星が比較的見えるので、夜空を眺めるのが楽しくなります。



 「発信確認 Call Confirm」タッチパネルの操作に全く慣れていないので、間違って電話をかけてしまうことがありました。あまり親しい人で無かったら目もあてられません。必須!


"HTC Desire HD" passed 2 weeks to get to.

It is still continuing process of trial and error.

Has been featured in various places, here is a good app and I try to use it for now.

"Advanced Task" in a violent power smartphones today, and so I often take advantage of, works for the energy.

"Google Sky Maps" application and feel good using a smartphone. Particular geographic region, so their stars are relatively visible, Narumasu enjoy watching the night sky.

"Tumblife" Tumblr us to a dashboard display per page. I'm feeling very good crispy turn over like pages of a magazine page by page. Like Reblog can also be easily reached.

"Flash Light" dual rear in the brightness of the LED flashlight Furasshuraitoapuri can change in three phases. This is surprisingly useful at various.

"Checking outgoing Call Confirm" operation, so be quite unused to the touch, sometimes they call wrong. Eyes are very close friends De無Kattara not addressed. Required!

I still do not embezzle it, show me who I am looking forward to what further developments.

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