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立山黒部アルペンルート Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route '10/9 W1 vol.8



 ダムの高さ(堤高)は186mで日本一を誇り、現在でも破られていない。総貯水容量は約2億tで北陸地方屈指の人造湖黒部湖(くろべこ)を形成する。総工費は建設当時の費用で513億円。これは当時の関西電力資本金の5倍という金額である。作業員延べ人数は1,000万人を超え、工事期間中の転落やトラック・トロッコなどによる交通事故等による殉職者は171人にも及び、いかにダム建設工事が苦難を極めたのかがうかがえる。(参照:黒部ダム - Wikipedia



Kurobe Dam, the town Nakaniikawa gun, Toyama Prefecture Tateyama, Kurobe dam is built on the river Kurobe River. Kurobe because it is the fourth power plant power plants that use the water stored in dams, there are four dams, also called black people.

The height of the dam is 186m pride in Japan, even today has not been broken. The total storage capacity of about 200 million t Kurobe lake artificial lake formed in the Hokuriku region one of the best. The total cost of 513 billion yen in construction costs at the time. This is five times the amount of capital at the time Kansaidenryoku. Total number of workers than 1,000 million people, including persons who died due to traffic accidents caused by lorries and trucks fell even during the construction period and 171 people, suggesting that either the construction of the dam how Unusual hardship. (See: Kurobe - Wikipedia)

When I visited, this was a great power discharge. I do not think they've really people. Incidentally, the show, "Tamori Club", and when he was featured footage of the dam discharge, the champion of Japan shone in the dam discharge.

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The scale was a great place for all.

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