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立山黒部アルペンルート Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route '10/9 W1 vol.6


 立山ロープウェイ(たてやまロープウェイ)は、立山黒部貫光が経営する、大観峰駅と黒部平駅間を結ぶ索道である。立山黒部アルペンルートの一部を形成する。途中に支柱が1本も設けられていないワンスパン方式なのが大きな特徴。ワンスパン方式としては日本最長である。(参照:立山ロープウェイ - Wikipedia



"Tateyama Ropeway"

Tateyama Ropeway is run by 立山黒部貫光. "大観峰 Station" and "Kurobedaira station" is a link between the ropeway. Form part of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. A major feature of the system is also a span of one does not have a post in the middle. One is the longest span in Japan as a method. (See also: Tateyama Ropeway - Wikipedia)

It also leaves in just begun, was tinged with green carpet, warm orange.

Looking forward to the ropeway through the air slowly and quietly, I felt like a very strange sight.

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