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生け花 Ikebana '10/10 W1

            Ikebana '10/9 W1, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.






石化柳  学名:Salix sachalinensis Fr. Schmidt

オノエヤナギの枝先が石化(帯化)した柳は、セッカヤナギまたはタイカヤナギと呼ばれ生け花の花材に利用されています。(参照:花と緑のお話 〜や行〜

リンドウ 学名:Gentiana scabra Bunge var. buergeri (Miq.) Maxim.

アレカヤシ 学名:Dypsis lutescens

Flower arrangement made in the first week of October. The flowers.

This time, represented by the broken branches in the snow willow petrified.

Broken parts, so distinctive, the other part has to be less obvious. Not too much work Arekayashi.

Salix sachalinensis Fr. Schmidt in, "Shin" "Shinmage" "Tai" "Soe". Dypsis lutescens in, "Taioku" Gentiana scabra Bunge in, "Taishin" "Shinmae" to represent.

Flower Material:

Scientific name: Salix sachalinensis Fr. Schmidt

The branches of the petrochemical Onoeyanagi (of bands) that willow has been used for materials known as ikebana flower or tie Sekkayanagi Anil Kaya. (See: 花と緑のお話 〜や行〜)

Scientific name: Gentiana scabra Bunge var. buergeri (Miq.) Maxim.

Scientific name: Dypsis lutescens

            Ikebana '10/9 W1, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.

            Ikebana '10/9 W1, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.

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