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鹿教湯温泉 文殊堂 '10/8 W2 vol.3

            鹿教湯温泉 文殊堂 '10/8 W2, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.




 温泉地にある文殊堂には、行基が彫った文殊菩薩像が安置してあり「日本三大文殊」の一つとされる。行基の弟子の円行がこの地に持ってきた時には既に温泉は湧いており、約1200年前には開湯していたとされる。(参照:鹿教湯温泉 - Wikipedia

"Monzyu Hall" is. "Spa Kakeyu" There.

Midsummer "Spa Kakeyu" is very quiet, had just been screaming and the sound of the river only. This is where the cool and fresh even in summer.

"Deer" transformed into the "Bosatsu Monzyu." Taught hunter hot springs where he godly legends in a hot spring. Referring to the name of this story spa, or hot water Kakeyu taught that deer.

The hot springs at the temple Monzyu, is carved Gyoki "Monzyu Bodhisattva" to enshrine in the "big three Monzyu Japan" is one of the. When I brought this place Engyou Gyoki disciple is already infested with hot springs, about 1200 years ago and had to be open water. (See: Hot Springs Kakeyu - Wikipedia)

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