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豊上製菓 モンテリア Hojo Seika Monte Area '10/04 W5

            豊上製菓 モンテリア Hojo Seika Monte Area '10/04 W5, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.



 こちらはW ダブルのコーン(300円也)。9種類のフレーバーの中からお好みで2種類選びます。さらにT トリプル(350円也)だと3種類。いつも私はダブルで注文します。サイズも割と大きく、何より芳醇でおいしい!この季節にはぴったりのおやつです。

"Hojo confectionery." This gelato there.

Daily production of natural materials with their own milk pasteurization of dairy cattle were grazing on natural pasture in Shinshu, a limited-edition ice cream. (See: Retail Monteria)

This is a double cone W (Yuya 300 yen). Pick your choice from the two types of nine flavors. More Triple T (350 ya), but three. I always order the double. Comparatively large size, anything mellow and delicious! This season is the perfect snack.

            豊上製菓 モンテリア Hojo Seika Monte Area '10/04 W5, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.

 こちらも何味と何味だったか、、、同じくW ダブルのコーン(300円也)

I also had no taste and no taste,,, like a double cone W (Yuya 300 yen)



The second floor restaurant, in addition to being an exhibit of Kaii Higashiyama, you can tour the factory. You can also view the baking process in the plant.

Looking at these landscapes, bakery reminds me of the old one was part-time ... very minimal space! Rock and Industrial & Kraftwerk! !

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