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千葉公園,千葉市,青葉の森公園 '02/10 W1

千葉公園 '02/10 W1, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.


I lived in Chiba scene eight years ago. And then look at the pictures, or rather what state of mind at the time, some sort of imbalance, which revealed itself an unstable mental state, and a little nervous. Something was not right for you ...

千葉市 '02/10 W1, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.


Who knows, maybe had some air in Chiba. What was unique or ...

千葉市 '02/10 W1, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.


Even in this age of eight years, it still remains vivid in his digital recording, or rather will learn to be suspicious even, I do not deteriorated, I felt 08 years later. 20 years later in what sense, we would see this picture ...


Maybe not now faded era. Almost like another dimension ... but today is 08 years, parallel world.

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