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SUMMER WARS, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.







Movie "Summer Wars" postcards.

I finally film "Summer Wars" in the DVD I watched.

About a year ago, it appeared that the film city of Ueda, Ueda was very interested in this movie. And was excited. Ueda is just heating up, and I was mistaken. In fact they are completely different, was famous not only nationally, what was the movie very interesting.

In particular, the rural scene, and how to treat naturally mobile PC is pegged very sharp in feel right. In addition, an unspecified number of writing in real time, which was good also taking place in the speech bubble is represented.

To say, part of the experience and expression of the current Internet, but somehow I feel like a cartoon because you can still be difficult even in ideal. Before watching "Bubble GO!" But so too, just have a very expressive, I would like to watch movies about 30 years later again, I somehow feel like.

The picture below is large Summer Wars poster Ueda Station. I always saw this poster, I understand the meaning of the characters finally what I mean ...

Ueda Station '10/3 W2, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.

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