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          DOMMUNE, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.

 今日本で一番熱いUSTREAM「DOMMUNE」を特集した「TV Bros」。





 なんでしょう?世代(30代)にマッチしているということなのでしょうか?電気グルーヴから入ったテクノ、クイックジャパンな10代…メタモルフォーゼ、ダブにズブズブな20代…そして今日は追悼特番のラメルジー(RAMMΣLLZΣ)も20代前半に衝撃を受けた…relax…STUDIO VOICE…ele-king…ここでまた出会って嬉しい反面…あの頃のワクワク感じゃなくて、再会という印象をどうしても持ってしまう…でもこれが楽しい。これもいいのだ。そこからまた考えたり出発すればいいや。

Now the hottest Japanese USTREAM "DOMMUNE" featuring "TV Bros".

DOMMUNE the live show is broadcast on Sunday through Thursday. When the talk show until 19 to 21. 21 to 24 DJ program at the time.

Bros Television's stations are dealing with central Tokyo. The region is so totally useless, DOMMUNE featured in that, I got.

From this program know, adjust the channel every day. (Click a bookmark.)

The nearly four months passed since the start of a longer program, and felt that reading this broth, I was a student can feel, and absorb, and it appeared that there was a fit state as interest to come.

France? Generation (30's) What's the fact that matches? From stylized techno DENKIGROOVE, QUICKJAPAN formal teen magazine also ... Metamorphosis, 20s and today ... and Rameruji Zubuzubu to dub the memorial specials (RAMMΣLLZΣ) shocked early 20s ... relax ... STUDIO VOICE ... ele-king ... ... While I am glad to meet you here again, not the thrill of those days, they really have the impression that this reunion ... but fun. Good thing, too. I can just think again and start from there.

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