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健生庵 山愚 '10/5 W3

そば Soba, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.

 長野県木島平にある「健生庵 山愚」のおそば。

 石臼挽き自家製粉(国産100%のそば粉)を使用し、つなぎ無しで作ったこだわりの手打 ち“十割そば”。最初の一口は出来立てのそばを、つゆを付けずに食べてみて、本物の蕎麦の風味を堪能してほしいとのこと。(参照:健生庵 山愚




Kijimadaira in Nagano Prefecture "健生庵 山愚" shop named. "Ten percent buckwheat."

Autogenous grinding mill millstone (100% domestic buckwheat flour) is used, made no commitment bowl tie "10 percent buckwheat." The first sip of fresh noodles, try to eat soup without a can and want to enjoy the real flavor of buckwheat. (See : 健生庵 山愚)

The restaurant was very clean and simple and stylish.

Soba is made with careful attention because of the quantity of the day are limited. After we ate, had been sold out ...

Simple and soba was delicate taste.

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