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メロン Muskmelon

            Muskmelon, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.

 メロン(甜瓜、英名:Muskmelon、学名:Cucumis melo)は、果実を食用にするウリ科の一年生草本植物である。また、その果実のこと。


 ネットとはかさぶたのようなものであり、果実の成長期での果肉と表皮の伸長率のずれによって生じるひび割れを塞ぐ役割を担っている。(参考:メロン - Wikipedia


Melon (甜瓜, fame: Muskmelon, Scientific Name: Cucumis melo) is a herbaceous annual plant of the Cucurbitaceae that edible fruit. Also, its fruit.

Native to North Africa and Middle East region and began growing around 2000 BC.

"Net" and is like a scab that role seal the cracks caused by misalignment of the flesh and skin growth rate in fruit growing. (Note: Melon - Wikipedia)

"Net" and look very three-dimensional pattern, I felt somewhat strange, being drawn into the world of nature will ...

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