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本町祭り Honcho Festival '10/6 W2 vol.2


Pictures from the roof of the parking lot. Crane and street lamps. Can see the mountains in the distance. Overlapping layers of mountains is a mystery.
           本町祭り Honcho Festival '10/6 W2, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.


The gate of the temple came the way they walk. It is an interesting contrast to the adjacent wall of the house and parking lot.

 お寺の隣の隣にあった、洋食屋さん「カウボーイレストラン ピッグパスチャー」の前にあった馬の銅像です。勇敢!

I found a statue of a horse. Western shop "Cowboy Restaurant Big Pasture" is in front of. Brave!      
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