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カフェ・モンマルトル Cafe Montmartre '10/5 W2

Cafe Montmartre '10/5 W2, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.








"Cafe Montmartre." Western food restaurant is located in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture. Here you can eat curry in Nepal.

Since I knew about this shop for about four years ago, I go to this shop to come to Nagano Station. This time I stopped on my way home from the shrine Togakushi.

I always order the lunch menu, curry and naan set. Nan and Curry is free refill. This is a very happy thing. There are six types of curry. They are "schema" "mutton," "Chicken," "Vegetables," "sea food" and "food of the mountain." There are five types of Naan. They are "plain" "butter" "cheese" "Nuts," "potato." And "rice." We can choose two types of curry. And we can choose one type of naan.

Nunn is a very big one because, when I asked for Nan, be careful. You may also ask in half.

The set menu also includes salad and drink. In addition, women can get the dessert service.

The restaurant atmosphere is very retro feel of the United States. In the shop they placed a small television in many places, always from the small TV, "Tom and Jerry" have been aired. The interior is very nice place here, creating a very good atmosphere with antique furniture.

The shop also has Showtime. The staff at this shop will play a variety of instruments. We can watch them seats. We listen to pop songs like the Beatles and Carpenters where we spend time in a very nice luxury.

Very recommended restaurant!

Cafe Montmartre '10/5 W2, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.

            Cafe Montmartre '10/5 W2, originally uploaded by Sennin Photos.

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